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Self-described as multifaceted, Cam Colston is a versatile multi-genre DJ/Producer to keep an eye on. Armed with his ability to experiment across as many sounds as possible, he has rapidly become an integral member of the Las Vegas nightlife circuit and the EDM landscape alike.

Following his explosion onto the scene, he has already amassed a number of accolades, including multiple feature guest mixes for Club 985 After Hours on 98.5 KLUC Las Vegas, reaching #1 in various Mixcloud charts with several of his mixes, sitting at #1 on the Masspool DJ Pool downloads chart for 4 straight weeks with his stellar bootleg of Fifth Harmony's - Work From Home, and scoring a number of releases on labels such as Artist Intelligence Agency, Ensis Deep, Round Triangle, Smile Creations Music Label, OLD SQL Recordings, and Filthy Sounds. He as opened for and performed alongside of a number of artists, including the Disco Fries, Brooke Evers, Baby Bash, and Lemay, as the resident DJ at the Influence pool party on the Las Vegas Strip.

Cam Colston is an objective, resilient, self-taught individual with an insatiable desire to learn. His inspiration is drawn from anyone brave enough to risk it all for whatever it is they are passionate about, and his eclectic tastes ranging from progressive house, future, hip-hop, to pop have meant his musical influences are as widespread as they are diverse.

Passionate and creative by nature, whether it is soft, melodic, progressive tunes, or aggressive, bass driven heaters, his personality traits bleed straight into both his productions and his shows, enabling him to captivate his audience every single time. His unrelenting desire to keep things fresh allows him to create a unique experience with every set he plays and with each track he creates.

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